Presented by the Department of Art and Department of Communication, Media, and Persuasion
July 7-9, 2017. Registration opens soon!
Workshop Sessions

3-D Modeling: How do today's designers, engineers and artists create the fantastic objects and environments you see and use everyday? 3-D modeling of course. Start creating your own virtual objects for use on the web, product and graphic design, video, video games and animation. 3-D printing will be demonstrated and discussed. Instructor: Kirk Young

Advertising: Description coming. Instructor: TBD

Augmented Reality: Ever played Ingress? Or maybe Pokémon Go? Then you've experienced an augmented reality. In this workshop we will use a web-based AR platform to begin development of game set right here on the ISU campus. Instructor: Jasun Carr

Book Arts: Description coming. Instructor: Naomi Adams

Ceramics: Description coming. Instructor: TBD

Creative Team Leadership: Description coming. Instructor: Jim DiSanza

Digital Arts: Description coming. Instructor: Kyler Mickelson

Drawing: Description coming. Instructor: Laura Ahola-Young

Fiber Arts: Description coming. Instructor: Naomi Adams

Graphic Design: Explore the world of design, typography, and layout through a mixed media project combining the digital and traditional. Participants will create and print posters using our graphic design lab, and then take them down to our experimental design studio to incorporate letter-press printing techniques. Instructor: Cana Crosby

Issues in International Debate: Description coming. Instructor: Sarah Partlow Lefevre

Jewelry & Metals: Description coming. Instructor: TBD

Journalism: Discription coming. Instructor: TBD

Media Criticism: Discription coming. Instructor: Nancy Legge

Painting: Play in the painting studio with a variety of materials, approaches and ideas. Students will create large mixed media paintings in a fun and fast paced environment. From zen doodles to abstract mark making, students will walk away with a finished painting. Instructor: Laura Ahola-Young

Photography: Photography is both art and communication. In this session, you will learn how to make a professional portrait, plus, how to communicate a personal message through your portrait in the style of the famous Dear World project. Instructor: Terry Ownby

Photoshop: Discription coming. Instructor: Kirk Young

Printmaking: Introducion to basic printmaking. We will cover the creation of stamps, monoprints, and relief techniques. Instructor: Dani Feige

Sculpture: Students will work with mixed media and found objects to create a sculpture. The sculpture can be representational, abstract, or kinetic using and repurposing unusual materials. Simple assemblage techniques will be used like gluing, tying and nailing. Instructor: Amy Jo Popa

Stereotypes in Media: Description coming. Instructor: Sarah Partlow Lefevre

Video Production: Want to get behind the camera and direct a newscast in S.E. Idaho's most advanced studio? Or take your turn in the spotlight as a live news anchor? Run away from flying saucers in front of the green screen? Use a real video switcher to live-edit a television program? If so, this is the workshop for you. Instructor: Judy Morris

Web Design: This workshop will take students through the process of creating a mobile-friendly website that encapsulates their experience in the CAMP program. participants will learn the basics of HTML & CSS, how to use Bootstrap to make sites that perform smoothly across platforms, how to include images, text, and hyperlinks, and publish their website online. Instructor: Jasun Carr